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There are multiple ways on how to install your neon sign, such as stand off studs, hanging chains and if you don't fancy using any tools, you can always 3m command strips.

All of our neon signs come with stand off wall studs as standard. This is a simple 5 step guide to get your beautiful neon sign up on the wall.

neon installation guide

Step 1:
You may want to grab a couple of pals for this step. Take your sign and place it flat up against the intended wall or space. Use a marker pen to dot holes in the wall where the mounting holes have been drilled in the acrylic backing.

Step 2:
Drill pilot holes exactly on the points you marked out in step 2 and insert rawl plugs.

Step 3:
Unscrew the top of the stud from the bottom. Put the screw through the bottom half of the stud and screw into the rawl plug with a screwdriver. Repeat this for all holes.

Step 4:
Hold you neon sign up so that the mounting holes are matched up with the bottom part of the wall studs. Screw the top half of the wall studs through the mounting holes into the bottom half. Your neon sign should now be sandwiched between the top and the bottom half of the studs.

Final Step:
You’re all done! Now connect your signs power cable to the power adapter and then into a mains socket… Voila! Your sign should now be lit! If you purchased a dimmer remote, you need to plug the RF controller (white box) between the power adapter and your signs power cable.

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